Make money at pokerstars

Posted: On: 24.05.2017

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make money at pokerstars

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Home Bonus Offers Free Money Promotions Forum News Strategy Videos Poker Tools Invite Friends Buy Status Help. Last post First unread post. Hello, The reason i've made this post is just because I'm those kind of people that dream with poker, breath poker, and would love to play poker professionally.

[Poker] Making money playing poker online

But, my favorite software for a lot of reasons is PokerStars. Anyhow, I've invested quite an amount of money in pokerstars, i just can't seem to make it.

Yes, i know, you'll probably think Im a donk, I don't know how to play bla bla bla. But, no, I actually do. I've applied every single rule, raising, positions, pre-flop, flop, turn, make money at pokerstars. Cash games, sit n go, regular tournaments etc.

And, I'm still getting bad beats over bad beats, and Pokerstars seem to give all the chips to the most idiot person on the table. And I swear to God, from 7 of 10 hands that i'm winning, I loose them at the river.

Its not free that PokerStars is called Riverstars.

Is online poker still a profitable way to make money in ? - Poker Stack Exchange

I'm not talking about being rich, or making a fortune from it. But my question is simple, is it fair and square, or am I actually losing my money making deposits in there Learn to hand read It is very possible to win at any site you play at.

make money at pokerstars

There how to get unlimited caps in fallout new vegas xbox just ONE single thing you have to know about poker when it comes to winning. This is a lifetime GRIND!! Over the long run if you decide to become a professional and you actually are good at the game results WILL come. So called bad beat periods and what not can last extremely long, all you need to focus on is making the right decisions each and every time.

How you play is all you can control and is all you should be worried about.

Mental game is the key to success in poker. Every time you go on monkeytilt you not only loose the cash you invested there and then put you may also lose alot of profit if you had played to the best of your abilities.

I just cant bankroll manage. Maybe its the same for you? It is possible to win money, and there's no cake recipe you've got to be constant learning.

PokerStars, Can your really win? Does anyone know somebody that has actually made it? | General Poker Discussion | Forum

Honestly, i'd go with ged there, u're a donk, but np, PokerStrategy is here to help you out. I switched to air and it has changed my life.

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Pokerstars was the room where I became a winning player. This thread stayed on course for a surprisingly long amount of time. But I guess the day isn't complete with someone making a post like this. Guess the OP of this thread is the "lucky" guy tonight Advices are always well recieved.

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