Holdfast moneymaker dual-camera straps

Posted: SmithX On: 27.05.2017

The Bridle leather MoneyMaker is made from U. This leather is strong, waxy and weather-resistant. NOW AVAILABLE IN A SKINNY VERSION - featuring user removable shoulder pads and d rings. The ideal carrying position of the MoneyMaker is for the strap to fall about 4" below the armpit so the cameras stay high on the body.

HoldFast MoneyMaker review - Amateur Photographer

Take into consideration that due to such high order volume some products may not ship immediately as they may be made to order. If you need something quickly please email to check availability. We at HF use REAL full grain leathers. As such, each hide will display the unique life that the animal lived showing scars from brands, barbed-wire cuts, stretch marks, insect bites, marks from birthing and even natural wrinkles, etc.

One of the beauties of leather is that no two cowhides are alike, because each hide comes from animals that have lived different lives!

These scars are not "defects" in the leather, but instead, proof that we actually use real full grain leather which is the absolute BEST leather money can buy.

We do not throw out good hides because of scars, rather we embrace these natural markings as part of the story, to which you will now add to. So if you happen to receive a MoneyMaker or one of my products with a scar or brand in the leather, know that you now own a 1-of-a kind piece.

Hold Fast | Hold Fast - Leather Goods - USA

The Money Maker is built to last a lifetime and on all day shoots in any location—a movie set, wedding, urban jungle, or the wild wild west. Install the Camera HoldFast screw into the tripod mount of your camera. Install the split ring from the Safety Catch directly to the left side lug of your camera.

Attach the Sailboat clip on the MoneyMaker Slider to the screw loop, then attach the Safety Catch clip to the previously installed split ring on the left side.

Please refer to our videos page for more details and explanations. If you shoot with your long hair down we recommend making an order without the D rings for the ORIGINAL MoneyMaker, it is not necessary with the SKINNY MoneyMaker. If you don't know what d rings are, they are metal loops on the shoulder area of the MoneyMaker that you can attach things to…like on a backpack strap. Yes each MoneyMaker comes everything you need to shoot with two cameras.

It comes with sliders and screws so you are ready to roll. It stays to the outside over your shoulders. Yes, the system is designed to carry 1, 2 or 3 cameras. This will keep the camera strap anchored on the body and evenly distributing the weight. Carrying a camera in the center position can always be added or removed. If you buy in the 3 camera setup you get both included and at a package discount instead of just buying two camera leashes separately.

holdfast moneymaker dual-camera straps

Loads of sports, humanitarian, portrait, fashion, safari and conflict photographers use my straps. It can handle more weight than you can manage. I stopped testing this after lbs because the machine that was doing the testing broke. So we can ALL use more comfortable straps and since it enhances your look then of course it works with anything. This strap is FOR YOU! Our Bridle Leather does start off a bit stiff, but our Water Buffalo and American Bison leathers start off very soft.

The Bridle Leather will break in just like a fine boot. The more you use it the more it molds to your body proving to be an extremely comfortable fit over a few uses. I love having the ability to carry smaller items when needed. I also love carrying a third camera in center position which is why the front set is there.

The rear set will be used for future product releases. If you have really long hair past your shoulders and you shoot with your hair down often then you should definitely order one without the d rings. Long hair can get tangled and pulled in the d rings. It makes heavy cameras feel lighter and the natural hanging position for your cameras is just behind the midline of your body, making this a very streamlined approach to carrying big and heavy cameras.

Hold Fast | Hold Fast - Leather Goods - USA

The main clip design is based on the clip that is used to attach the sail to a boat. These clips have to be extremely strong by supporting the full wind pressure excerpted on a sail, however if the ropes get tangled the crew needs to be able to unclip and untangle very quickly and get it re-attached without missing a beat.

I modified these clips to add a swivel, a longer pin draw and a stronger spring that all makes this clip even more durable.

And each clip also has a removable safety strap. Our straps are not intended for use in climbing or other extreme shooting situations. As with all colored leather there is the possibility of staining if the leather gets completely soaked.


My Bridle leathers are completely natural at the base, the side against your clothes, so it is impossible for these to stain.

The American Bison MoneyMakers are lined with cream glove leather so color run is not an issue. Water Buffalo can at times stain, but it's different from person to person. Anytime the camera hangs in front of the body your lower back will hurt. Any time the camera hang directly to your sides then you shoulders and some lower back will hurt.

The MoneyMaker has a completely different design then any other strap on the market by allowing the cameras to hang in the small of you back on either side. This takes A LOT of pressure from the lower back and places it across the broadest strongest part of the back. It can maintain more weight than your body can handle. This is a great question! Tropical environments can cause the metals to rust and the leather to dry out if the MoneyMaker is not maintained.

This is easy to avoided though, simply make sure to wipe the metals dry when you put away your MoneyMaker after a shoot. If rust does occur we recommend using Blue Magic to clean away rust and protect against it happening again, there are a few other rust removers that work great as well. Conditioning the leather once a year is also a good idea!

The Camera HoldFast is the screw that mounts to the tripod mount at the base of the camera. This screw has a one of a kind locking mechanism built into the threading of the screw. The sailboat clip outlined in question 20 is a locking clip.

Very safe and extremely fast to operate. Each clip comes with an optional safety strap. The user can choose to use it or remove it. It connects at the base of the clip and to the side lug mount of the camera. This bypasses any part of the system that has potential to fail. By using the HoldFast Product the user hereby acknowledges and accepts that HoldFast, LLC will only be liable in any case for the value of the product and will not be liable in any case for any consequential damages.

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